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My Farrier at work

I have been to quite a few events over the last few years with my cameras and having seen how much fun poeple have at these events.
This group of young people are from the Ponies & Kids doing sponsered rides at various events.
You find a link on my links page.

Holidays, a time to chill out from everyday life for a while!
There are so many places now that the world has got smaller to travel
while I know many poeple have traveled far more than I have in my life time seen and photograpgh many wonderful places, but if you are like me and just need a good break I book a villa of a flat to really chill out!
There is a link on the links page for this Villas Away have a really good choice to choose from.

Vintage ball gowns to be different! or maybe a wedding coming up?
Courtesan Boutique is just the place in Worthing for that special Ball or day!
Earlier this year I went to one of their Prom nights Funky and Fun!
Although the lighting paid havic with my camera I did mange to get a fewgood images you can see these in events.
also a link on the links page will take you to their web site!

Some of My Favorite images of Riders like me enjoying
an outing with other horse riders what ever the

8676C caroline

Star Riders of the Future!
This Young lady like many others have riding talent, I have seen her working on dressage on my visits to their farm,
brillant control and theres no doubt she is going to do very well at shows etc and be very sucessful in life too!